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Building your legacy

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We deliver sustainable energy solutions that leave
a legacy for our customers

We are specialists in energy and mobility solutions, providing a wide range of services focused on adding value to our customers. As an independent group, we use our knowledge and expertise to impartially advise our customers so that they can make informed energy and mobility choices. We first get to know our customers and their requirements and using all our energy and mobility " building blocks" we create bespoke solutions that deliver their required legacy.

We help a range of customers and our approach is simple, every customer receives the same high quality service through a single point of contact, no matter the contract value or difficulty levels. Egnida sets itself apart from competitors by providing a Whole Business approach to energy and mobility management. We pride ourselves on taking the time to find out the requirements of each customer, enabling us to tailor our unique collection of services to maximise the benefits.

With our holistic collection of services we are able to take our customers on an energy journey, using a step by step approach to ensure every stone is turned and satisfaction is delivered.

Innovation team

Andrew Padmore


Randall Edwards


Kate Ashworth

Director of Consultancy Services

Tony Murtagh

Sales & Marketing Director

Nigel Kerr

Commercial Director

Amanda Biss

Business Development Manager

Sean Davey

Energy Advisor

James Padmore

Energy Advisor

Ricky Moseley


Dr Vanda Dimitriou

Senior Consultant

Archie Corliss

Senior Consultant

James Wayman

Senior Consultant

James Perry

Senior Developer

Paige Dennis


Rhys Rawlings


Simon Young

Technical Manager

Martin Hillard

Site Manager

Sian Jones

Operations Coordinator